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Activities for the youngest in Harrachov

The following information are for those who have little children. There are many apartments in the Apartments Čertovka which are well furnished for families with children. In the detailed specification you can see whether the apartment contains equipment like baby bed, highchair or tub. These items will safe lots of space in your car. You can find often in the apartment also some games.

Playgrounds in the Harrachov

  • There is one nice playground in the center near the crossing of the main road and the road leading to the ski slopes finish. The biggest attraction is the children cable rail. Playground consists of seasaw (a bit disbalanced), chute (slide), childrens’ climbing wall and sandpit.
  • Other playground you can find on the way to Mumlava waterfall
  • In the hotel Ski Centrum there is a large childrens’ corner that you can find useful when weather is good enough for outdoor activities. Parents probably will have t stay inadvertently in the restaurant.
  • Do not miss to go through the Little fox’s adventure track where children can practice fox’s skills. You can find this track on the way to Mumlava waterfall. Take a camera with you to be able to shot you little “fox” at the end of track.


We miss very much a modern facility for swimming or aqua park in Harrachov. However there are some options in the summer. You can find a swimming pool in Zákoutí (from the Apartments Čertovka 500 m away) with a bit cold but fresh water. A mini golf or Harrachov tennis club you can find there too.

Ski slopes and ski schools

The ski conditions for children are in Harrachov quite good indeed. If your children are beginners, you can be sure that they will able to ski after one winter week in Harrachov. We started to ski with our children before reaching age of three. We strongly recommend you as the far best option for the first ski steps the B+B ski school in Zákoutí (from the Apartments Čertovka 500 m away). B+B is the cult children’s ski school with the tradition of a 35 years and great experience in teaching very children to ski. They accept 4 years old children. We believe that younger kids if they manage to follow instructions can be accepted too. The basic course is 20 hours long in which in a very pleasant way they manage to learn to ski basics all children. Children are sorted out according to their abilities and ski experience to the small groups. Daily you can expect 4 hours training divided into two lessons, each has break after one hour when tea is served to young skiers. We believe that amongst many other ski schools the B+B is the best because it is oriented only for young kids and the price is also attractive. In B+B you can rent all ski equipment. As a bonus we arranged for you 5% discount on their very competitive ski course prices.

As a alternative to the ski school B+B we recommend Skiservis Ploc where you can get all types of ski schools both for children or adults. They run also snowboarding school.

If you believe that you are the best ski teacher and you manage to teach your children yourself, the best starting and mild ski slope for children is just in front of the Apartments Čertovka where you find a small ski lift. Other option for intermediate skiers is the C – ski slope in Zákoutí next to B+B ski school. The third option is the Amalka ski slope in Rýžoviště respectively the lower part of the ski slope RED II.

Where to go sledging and bobsleighing?

  • The most often we go to sledge and bobsleigh right in front of the Apartments Čertovka on a small hill attached to the Vertical Park.
  • Other option is in Nový svět where you can use for sledging a part of cross –country ski track. It is as a good alternative however you have to take a car there. You hardly find in the Harrachov center a high quality hill with good parameters for sledging
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