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Sport & Summer in Harrachov


Hiking trips to the west part of Giant Mountains

View trek via the west part of the Giant Mountains. Probably the nicest and the most varied trek of the Harrachov’s hiking round trips. You can see many of the natural interests of the western part of the Giant Mountains and you will explore a bit more. Trail: Harrachov – Dvoračky that leads then northernly from Kotel -  a continue through the attractive part along the edge of Labský důl (above the ridge) - then via the Mumlavské valley back to Harrachov. A nice round trek for an intermediate hikers.

Trek to the ridges of west Giant Mountains. Túra na hřebeny západních Krkonoš. This trek will show you both forested valleys and ridges of west Giant Mountains including peatbogs and wells of Elbe. Longer trek for trained hikers. You will go along the state border, take with you some ID.

Trail: Harrachov information Center – blue tourist sign – Mumlava waterfall – Mumlava valley along Mumlava creek – red tourist sign – Vosecká chalet 1250 amsl – Tvarožník 1322 amsl – road of the Czech-Polish friendship – follow red tourist sign for 2 km – turn right a and follow yellow tourist sign – crossing U čtyř pánů – green tourist sign – U Růženčiny zahrádky –descent to Dvoračky – green tourist sign - Krakonošova cesta – Ručičky – turn right to valley of Ryzí creek – Rýžoviště - Harrachov

Trips to Jizerske Mountains

The location of Harrachov on the western border of the Giant Mountains offers setting out for trips to adjacent Jizerske Mountains. We offer you trek leading alogn the valley of Jizera creek via Bukovec, Jizerka village and Kořenov back to Harrachov. It is relatively long round trip. Expect long day trip however vertical distance is mild. You can make interesting alternative by taking a train from Kořenov to Harrachov Mýtiny.

Mountain biking

Harrachov is a good place for mountain biking too. It is necessary to say that mountain profile in the Giant Mountains is more suitable for well trained bikers and family trips (when daddy is carrying a baby carrier and mummy a kid on a bar) is better to orientate to the Jizerske Mountains due to its mild profile. In our tips we depicted in a couple points a trip to Vosecka chalet which has been recently opened to bikers again. This trip is quite demanding therefore we recommend to take a opposite direction to Jizerske Mountains.

More details about MTB trips including routing and distance.

Other activities in Harrachov

  • cog railway Tanvald - Harrachov (from the Apartments Čertovka  3,5 km away)
  • minigolf, tennis club Harrachov and outdoor swimming pool in Zákoutí (from the Apartments Čertovka 500 m away)
  • squash or sauna in the bond’s style  Sportrelax Center 007 (from the Apartments Čertovka 1200 m away)
  • 9 hole golf coarse (from the Apartments Čertovka 3,5 km away)
  • bobsleigh and monkey park (from the Apartments Čertovka 1,3 km)
  • Vertical park (right in front of the Apartments Čertovka)
  • miner’s museum  (areal Ados, from the Apartments Čertovka 1200 m away)
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