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Discounts by our partners

Discounts provided by our partners

We have prepared a discount program as an extra value for guests accommodated in the Apartments Čertovka. We have chosen one strong partner from each sector of services and arranged discounts. The discount will be provided to you after submitting the guest card. 


Hotel Restaurant David at the end of skislope: 10% discount on consumption containing meal.

Restaurant in Brewery Novosad:  10% discount.

my Piknik restaurant: 10% discount on meals


Skiservis Ploc:  10% discount on non-sale goods in the shop Sport Ploc Harrachov nr. 620 and nr. 608. 10% discount on ski school, 10% discount on the bike rent and 15% discount on the ski and snowboard rent.

David Sport Shop David: 10% discount on the ski rent and the free deposit (you can leave ski in the rental deposit each night instead of carrying them back to the Apartments Čertovka). 10% discount on non-sale goods on purchase exceeding  25000 CZK.

Children Ski school B+B at the Zákoutí:  5% off price of the ski course.

Krkonoše regioncard

You can buy a discount card Krkonoše Region Card in Skiservis Ploc located on the ground floor of the Apartments Čertovka. Card price for adult: 100 CZK, price for kid: 60 CZK. Krkonoše region card allows you to get discount for instance on the skipass in Harrachov ski area.

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