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Where to eat in Harrachov

You will not starve in Harrachov in any season during a year. However if we only state that there are lots of restaurants in Harrachov it will not be satisfactory. Most of the restaurants in Harrachov offer a basic standard and according to us sometimes they have too wide offer of meals. A few restaurants blow your mind or offer a culinary surprise. Although the Apartments Čertovka are pointing its offer on families with children and guests who cook themselves rather than eating out, there are many occasions during stay in the mountains when going to restaurants is needed or simply pleasant.

It is literally only a few steps away from the Apartments Čertovka to restaurants due to its outstanding location in the center of Harrachov. We offer you a few tips where we often go to eat. The selection is based on non-smoking restaurants

  • The most often we have a lunch in the Pension 7 or in Pizzeria Verde Rosa. Both restaurants are just in front of the apartments Čertovka. In Pension 7 try goulash or fried cheese. All portions are big including the childrens’.
  • Right beside the Pension 7 there is Pizzeria Verde Rosa. Meals looks authentically Italian. We do not remember that we leave disappointed. Staff will pass the time to your children by giving crayons and colouring what eases life to their parents. There is a large number of highchairs in the restaurants.
  • The restaurant in the Penzion Hotel David is other our favorite eating spot. It is located next to end of ski slopes. We recommend baked duck, gabbage and dumplings.
  • And at the end one smoking restaurant but with a large non smoking section. We recommend from traditional pubs the restaurant located in the micro brewery Novosad and son. We believe that all visitors of the Apartments Čertovka should visit this restaurant during the stay in Harrachov at least once. There is a view right from the restaurant to the attached glassworks that may lure you to also visit this
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